Paradise in DC: VegFest 2011


After 16 years as a vegan, I can say that I often feel like my food choices are made for me when I eat anyplace but home. If you have more than one or two options on any given menu, it’s exciting – especailly if it’s not a salad or a baked potato. I’m simply not accustomed to having a lot of choices.

Of all the awesome things about the 2011 DCVegFest, the best –hands down – was all the options of what to eat. There were literally dozens of choices. It was overwhelming. I didn’t know how to pick. We wandered around the stands for almost two hours before either of us could commit to a selection.

The 2011 DCVegFest was held from 11am to 6pm on Saturday September 24 in a green area of George Washington University. According to the website, over 6,000 people attended. Having been there, I can say it was VERY crowded and many of the food vendors were selling out.

Over 75 exhibitors participated in the event including food vendors, animal rights groups, religous organizations, body-builders,  companies with vegan beauty products, pet products and clothing. They also hosted nine speakers, book signings and a Stickyfingers cupcake eating contest. The day was so much fun and there was so much available to see, do and eat – it was almost too much to take in. Almost. : )

So… what did we eat? We started with a vegan stromboli from Stickyfingers. And while you’re at Stickyfingers, you have to have a sweet bite too.

Next, a huge plate of nachos from Bread and Brew. These were insanely delicious and the cheesy Teese sauce was perfect.

We had to have some more sweets, so we stopped by the table for Vegan Treats Bakery from Bethlehem PA. Though the choices were daunting, we settled on a pumpkin cheesecake.

Yea, it was seriously good eating. We snacked on kale chips, Primal “jerky” strips and Field Roast Samples.

Even our hound got some pumpkin and molasses dog cookies from Max & Ruffy’s. For the road, we got a huge vegan take-out container from Sweet & Natural packed with mac & cheese, spinach lasagana, Memphis-style BBQ tofu and Veggie Fried Chicken. We also shared some of their refreshing ginger lemonade. All that and we missed so many fabulous food options… there was Indian, Ethiopian, falafel, burritos, fresh juices, pastries, pie and cookies, and more.

As soon as the date and location are posted for the 2012 DCVegFest, you can bet we will mark our calendar and keep the day open. Wouldn’t miss it for all the tofu in the world!

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