Sweeties: Better Brittle


Peanut brittle is one of those nostalgic treats. For me, it brings back memories of Easter. My family always had peanut brittle around in the spring. I remember it being part of Easter baskets, and I also remember my Dad eating it before the big day when the bunny came to deliver baskets of goodies. Alas, going vegan meant no more peanut brittle, as our family recipe contained dairy. Imagine my excitement when we found Better Brittle. It’s vegan; it contains no corn syrup; it’s made with fair trade ingredients. And it’s crazy delicious.Better Brittle is made from a West African recipe. The owner, Christiana, brought the recipe back from Ghana where it is known as “ntaki cake.”  The ingredient list is short and recognizable. The flavor is all the nutty goodness I remember from my family Easter baskets – but in glorious vegan technicolor.  You just gotta try it. Visit Better Brittle online and get a bag of your own!

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