Spirited Spirits


Getting ready for Halloween can make a soul thirsty. We have what you need to hydrate. Spooky-boho-style.

This scary cocktail was created in a very large glass skull. It holds just over a quart of ice and the recipe below. You can make this recipe as one big cocktail, like we did, or mix it in a pitcher and serve in smaller glasses.

1 cup pineapple/mango juice blend

1 cup ginger ale, Sprite or club soda, as preferred

1/2 cup Square One organic vodka (or your fave type)

1/4 cup triplesec

1/8 cup grenadine

Add the ice to your large drinking vessel. In a separate glass bowl, measure all liquids and stir up. Pour over the ice. Just before serving, drizzle the grenadine around the inside edge of the large drinking vessel. Share with your favorite grown-up monster.

Bottoms up!

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