Local-ity: B’more Bill’s Dills


Pickles are always an ideal snack . They’re snappy, zingy and refreshing. And if you get them from B’more Bill’s Dills, they’re insanely fresh.

We met the good folks from B’more Bill’s Dills at the Catonsville Farmers’ Market. The nine varieties of pickles they offer are impressive, including …kosher dill; sweet and spicy; jalapeno Jewish; fire garlic dill; cracked black pepper & old bay; horseradish Jewish; full sour; half sour and pickled green tomato.

The company is owned by Kris & Bibi Kanzlar, from Hampden. It’s an offshoot of Philly Bill’s Dills – Kris’ cousin’s business that started last fall. Kris was visiting with family over the holidays last year, and because Philly Bill’s Dills was going so well, they hatched a plan to start a second company in Charm City.

(Pictured: John and Lisa Jackson, employees of B’more Bill’s Dills and Ravens fans.)

B’more Bill’s Dills started out making 50 buckets of pickles per month, now they make 50 buckets each week! Everyone must know how delicious they are. We sure do.

You can get down on some of B’more Bill’s pickles at the Catonsville Market, Waverly Market and at the Rumor Mill Restaurant in Ellicott City – or visit them on their Facebook page.

In the future, look for their newest flavor, ginger wasabi. Personally, we can’t wait!

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  2. I love your product!, I like to know where I can purchase items, other than the farmers markets, at times I can not there on time.

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