Monthly Archives: October 2011

Something Fishy


We were shopping at Roots Market recently and a store employee, who helped us find several vegan goods, gave a heartfelt testimonial for Sophie’s Kitchen frozen vegan breaded fish fillets. Of course, we’re always game to try something new so we bought a box – and it turned out to be a delcious investment.

For vegans and vegetarians who aren’t opposed to meat analogs, this product is a fun departure from your usual veggie burger. After a quick flip in the pan with some olive oil, the outside was crisp and crunchy. The “fish” was hot and had great flaky texture without being too “fishy.” It was a great lunch meal and worked nicely with a simple cocktail sauce (equal parts horseradish and ketchup).

Some of Sophie’sKitchen products are both vegan and gluten free, though the fish fillets have wheat. Sophie also makes  vegan squid rings, shrimp, prawns, breaded shrimp and breaded calamari. Their company philosophy revolves around creating a healthy and tasty alternative to seafood from the ocean. The goal is to help protect sealife and the delicate eco-system of the ocean. We can get behind that, Sophie. Especially with such delicious vegan alternatives as these fish fillets! Looking forward to trying more of varieties soon!