America Recycles Day


November 1st was World Vegan Day. Did you know?  Yea, oops – we sort of dropped the ball on that one. Hope you all remembered and celebrated by treating a friend to a bite of delicious vegan food.

But we’re on it this time.

November 15th is America Recycles Day. The idea is to take one day out to educate and motivate. To make folks understand the importance and value of  recycling everyday, all year long.

Sometimes it surprises us that folks still aren’t recycling. With curbside recycling widespread in most communities, it’s almost effortless. I can remember the days when I had to drive my recycling to a center once a month. Then curbside pick-up became available but we had to rinse and sort the recycling. Now with single stream, it’s sooo easy. If you have single stream recycling and  you still don’t recycle – shame on you.

Friends have described us as “hardcore” about recycling. We literally recycle everything we possibly can. We put out more recycling each week than we do trash. When we’re working on location, we bring our recycling home. We’ve even brought recycling home from vacation if there was no place available for proper disposal. Yea, I’m talking airplanes. We flew home with recycling checked in our luggage.

In note of America Recycles Day – and being that we are so into recycling, there’s something we’d like to draw more attention to: completing the circle. As you get into the habit of recycling your paper, plastic, aluminum and glass (and anything else you can!), be sure to BUY recycled too.

It’s easier than you think. Nowadays, you can find recycled paper products everywhere. And it’s not expensive like it used to be.  Printer paper, artist papers, paper towels, shipping boxes, envelopes, invitations, napkins, facial tissues, toilet paper, post-it’s, student notebooks, stickers, business cards and more are all available made of recycled paper stock. You can buy cutting boards made from recycled paper – and even houses are being built from compressed recycled paper!

Buying recycled glass is accessible, too. We have found recycled glass tumblers, wine glasses, pitchers, plates, serving platters, tiles, vases, candleholders and more. They’re easy to find – you can pick them up at chain stores, including Target, Pier One and Kohl’s, as well as specialty shops, like Nest in Clarksville.

Recycled aluminum is also quite accessible – you can get 100% recycled aluminum foil at every major supermarket. Since aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, it makes sense to buy recycled – as well as recycling!

Plastic recycling is the most confusing of them all. You should check out which numbers your community recycles. There are more than 100 different compounds, making more than 100 different kinds of plastics. But most areas recycle plastics 1 through 7. Look on the plastic container you want to recycle for its number and be sure to check with your local recycling center. If your area doesn’t take certain plastics, you can find another place to recycle at Earth 911, a handy website that will guide you on where to recycle almost everything.

Buying stuff made from recycled plastic is much easier. There’s lumber, picnic tables, clothing & bags, shoes, kitchen utensils & storage, plates, shipping palates, toothbrushes, window shades, shoes – and more.  We love Preserve. They make everything recycled you could want for your home and kitchen.

Get ready – America Recycles Day is almost here!

What else can you recycle?


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