Fat Free Vegan’s Mushroom Barley Soup


Have you noticed how much we love soup?  Soup is on the menu here all year long, often more than once a week. But now that it’s getting chilly in the Baltimore/DC area, you better believe we’re eating lots of soup.

Fat Free Vegan is a great blog kept by Susan Voisin. She has over 1000 healthful vegan recipes online and her offerings have graced our table more than a few times.

A coupla days ago, we tried her version of mushroom barley soup. Her recipe is inspired by one from the book Love Soup, which I haven’t read yet. But Susan’s recipe was delicious.

We didn’t have any cannellini beans, so we skipped that part, and we used chardonnay instead of dry sherry. We were also out of lemon and spicy paprika – instead, we just added a few dashes of cayenne hot sauce before serving. I’m  sure it is groovy as written – but hey – we’re hippies. We adapt, we use what we have. : )

Oh – be sure to give yourself enough time with the barley. If you don’t have a pressure-cooker, it will take a little time to make sure the grains are tender.

Like a warm hug in a bowl! Mmm… And as you know, I cannot re-print Susan’s recipe. Copyright laws and all that. Respect.

But I’m happy to link it.

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