Peel Perfection


You’re ready to start shopping. A lot. Internet, TV and radio ads for Black Friday started before Thanksgiving. I mean – we get it already, right? It’s the holiday shopping season. This year for the holidays, we are making a commitment to select gifts that are responsible – and that our friends and family will love. It’s harder than it sounds.

But there are incredible options out there. You won’t find them on blaring TV ads. The kinds of small and/or local companies offering eco-friendly, ethically made products can’t afford to buy airtime on NBC. Great stuff is available though.

Like this gorgeous – and good smelling – bracelet from Calamarie. It’s handcrafted from upcycled dried orange peels by women in Colombia. We love that it’s eco-friendly in every way – and giving jobs to women who would otherwise not have employment.

Calamarie also offers necklaces, handbags and hair accessories made from orange peel, seeds and more. Check out their website and shop locally in the DC/Maryland/Pennsylvania area – or shop online. Oh  – and most of their offerings are vegan! Be sure to read about each item for full details as some products comtain silk – but everything is all natural and ethically produced.

Happy Shopping!


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