Sweeties: Chimes Ginger Chews


Not all candy is sickeningly sweet. Some candy has a little bite – a sophisticated grown-up flavor. Like Chimes Ginger Chews. These little treats are spicy, exotic – and sweet. All at once.

They come in original, peanut butter, mango, orange, peppermint and original flavors. And they’re super good. The candy pieces are small and chewy. It’s kind of like popping a mint in your mouth to freshen up, but it’s gingery and has a mouthfeel like gum. And when the ginger flavor hits you, it’s totally invigorating. Dare you to eat just one.

This vegan candy came to be in 2003 when a family using a 3rd generation recipe from an herbalist started making their homemade recipe to sell. The history of this product is incredible – it’s a family-owned company that employs hundreds of Indonesian villagers.

You can get Chimes Ginger Chews  all over the place: Whole Foods, World Market, Target, CVS. They’re also available online at Amazon.com  Find a place to grab this little sweetie on the Chimes locator page and fill that candy jar on your desk with something differently delicious. Mmm!

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