Sweeties: Justin’s Dark Choclate PB Cups


Heaven. Heaven. Heaven.

Oh, my beloved dark chocolate peanut butter cup… thy name is heaven…

Why, yes, we LOVE these sweeties. Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are delicious. Even as I type the word “delicious” it barely feels like a powerful enough adjective. They are smooth, creamy, velvety perfection. They are heaven.

Long ago I gave up on the idea that any vegan peanut butter cup would compare to my childhood nostalgia of the Reese’s originals. I’ve tried a few other brands. I’ve tried homemade versions, too. They were all good. But nothing had that melty, dreamy, creamy joy I remembered. Until Justin’s. Justin took his amazing organic PB and sandwiched it into a cup of organic, fair-trade dark chocolate that will make your toes curl. Seriously. I had to sit down when I first ate one of these. Oh – and more good news, they’re also gluten free.

We also love that Justin’s is an ethical company with a public green mission statement. Check it out.

If you have access to a car, drive out and buy these immediately. If you have to delay and order them online – do it fast! You don’t want to wait. Here’s a link to help you find this treasure.

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