Cranberries & Sweet Potatoes from TV


Food Network takes a lot of heat for being unfriendly to vegans and vegetarians. I’ve heard other vegans just tearing this channel limb-from-limb. But you know what… we both love Food Network. We watch it all the time. Cooking Channel too. Love it.

True, they absolutely are more focused on omnivores. It’s 100% true. But – the reality is that most people are omnivores at the current time. That doesn’t make me feel excluded or angry. Instead, I’m thrilled when one of the TV chefs makes a recipe that’s vegan or that I can easily convert to a vegan dish. And it happens pretty often. I have recipes from just about every Food Network personality in my file… Giada, Rachael, Sandra, Alton. Even Paula Deen is in my recipe box.

DH loves Guy Fieri  on Guy’s Big Bite for his creative approach to food and original way of combing flavors. Guy doesn’t do many straight-up vegan or even vegetarian dishes. But we’ve reworked several over time.

We made Guy’s Red Devil Cranberries and the recipe was truly vegan. It needed no alterations. Thanks, Guy! We can’t reprint the recipe here, but we’re glad to link to it. This was a fun take on cranberries – it was sweet, like you want from your cranberries – but at the end, the serrano gives it a little kick and some lingering heat.

We also made Guy’s Whisky-Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Apples. This recipe needed one tiny alteration to go from vegetarian to vegan: we substituted Earth Balance for butter. No biggie. We also added a whole cayenne pepper to the whisky-butter-agave glaze. The flavor wasn’t too hot – and it looked pretty for company. Check out the recipe here.

These dishes went nicely together and everyone was asking for the recipes. So here they are. 🙂 Thanks Guy Fieri – keep the veg-friendly recipes rollin’ out for us- your vegan fans!


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