Sock it to Me


Cozy winter clothing is one of the best parts of living in the Northeast. And warm feet are a big part of that. Now you have eco-friendly options for toasty toes – socks and tights made from sustainable bamboo.

These are available all over the place now – you can even find big labels like Calvin Klein and Gold Toe using bamboo for socks. Stores as varied as Kohl’s to Neiman Marcus offer bamboo. We even saw some in a local drug store. So why not go green – on your feet?

We tried out several pairs of bamboo socks and tights. They were crazy comfy and silky. They stayed tight – no drooping at the knees on the tights. The socks held up well to washing, too. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, breathable and very durable.  No one will look at you and think you’re a greenie-freak, either. It’s not like wearing a tie-dyed dashiki (no offense intended if you wear a tie-dyed dashiki – sounds cool to us), the variety and styles of bamboo socks and tights will fit into any professional or social environment smoothly.It won’t take you long to fall in love with bamboo on your feet. With all the fun patterned tights available and great socks for men and women, everyone will be wearing bamboo soon!


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