Sweeties: tru sweets Organic Candy Canes


Admit it… you love it. Who doesn’t crave the minty sweetness of a candy cane around the holidays?

There are two ways to go about a candy cane, right? You have the people who crunch it up – it makes that loud crack when you bite into it, the little sugary shards of candy cane fall in a whisper on your hand, and the whole thing is literally gone in about 4 snaps. Or you’re one of those folks that licks a candy cane. You gradually peel down the sticky wrapper, the red stripe slowly disappearing until you are licking a pointy white stick. It’s cool… we understand.

Well, tru sweets has a Christmas miracle for you… organic, all natural, vegan and gluten-free candy canes. On a quick glance at the box, you will adore the ingredient list. It’s only four items: organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, natural peppermint oil and fruit/beet juice for color. Packaged in recycled board.

The organic candy canes are sweet and minty. They’re ideal for crunchers or lickers. We tried them with two small kiddos recently and they certainly passed the toddler test. Everyone was asking for more.

The stripes aren’t quite red. They’re more like a shade of darkish pink. It’s all good. You’re gonna love ’em anyhow and once they’re decorating your Christmas tree or in a candy dish, you won’t even notice the natural color. If you take some to work, be prepared to the share the whole box. Everyone is gonna want one. Or four.

tru sweets Organic Candy Canes are about $4 a box. You can pick them up at Whole Foods, or online at the Natural Candy Store or Amazon.com


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