Sweeties: Theo Chocolate


You can’t be a true eco-chocoholic and not know about Theo Chocolate. These folks are incredible. They are the only bean-to-bar, fair-trade organic chocolate manufacturer in the USA. That’s impressive, as no other chocolatier we know about is that committed to sourcing and production.

Theo is dedicated to the environment, to ethical labor – and deliciousness. Their story is an inspiration – we can only hope more companies will take steps to follow their example.

Some of Theo‘s sustainable practices include sourcing as much as possible locally, having a factory powered by green energy, ensuring that the cocoa growers earn a living wage and using organic, fair trade ingredients for all their sweets.

A friend from Seattle, AK, told us about Theo Chocolate. She followed up by mailing us our first three samples of this tasty treat: a Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate bar, a Cherry & Chili Dark Chocolate bar and a Fig, Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate bar. After sampling them all, they are all our new favorite. A super delicious!!

Theo is based in Seattle, Washington. You can visit their factory there and shop onsite – or online. Vegan items are clearly marked and you can read ingredient lists, which is perfect.

Grab a handful of these ethical, enjoyable sweeties for yourself!


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