Ho-Ho-Houndie Holidays


Still shopping for that dog-person on your list? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got awesome ideas for you today. They’re green, good and (mostly) practical. And none of them are those crappy, non-recycleable plastic toys that dogs chew up in 5 minutes and makes a mess all over the living room. Skip that this year. Go green instead.

The top of the list is the “Pillow Pocket Bed” from Midwest Greyhound Adoption. This incredibly cool dog bed (it’s not just for greyhounds -though, yes, we happen to have one) fits four standard size bed pillows. Your old pillows get a new life in a bed for your pooch. It’s a win-win: you can recycle your pillows and your dog gets a comfy bed that smells like you. What dog wouldn’t love that? We tossed our old pillows in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff them up and them put them in the bed. Our hound loves it.

The beds benefit greyhound rescue, was made by volunteers and helps raise funds to get homes for retired racers. Each bed costs $28 plus shipping and you can find them on their website under the “greycare” link.

Thinking more of a stocking stuffer type item? How about a dog food bowl made from sustainable bamboo? This option is widely available both in stores and online. You can pick one up at Petco or order from Harry Barker. Expect to spend about $5 to $12 on these bowls.

Need something even smaller? How about biodegradable pet waste bags? Every dog owner can use these!  This is more in the $4 to $6 range and you can find them at Petco, on Amazon and at local stores, like Bark in Clarksville.

Okay, so we had to throw in something fun and silly. How about a tee shirt for the dog – made of bamboo fabric? This “Green Dog” tee was made by Casual Canine and is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. There are lots of varieties online, though – just Google search “bamboo dog tee shirt.” Yes, you’ll feel a little silly. But isn’t she adorable in that eco-dog tee? 🙂 This item cost $15.

See, you still have options for the pet lover in your life. And remember – keep an eye on your hounds & kitties around the Christmas tree this year.  A safe holiday is a happy holiday for your four legged friends!

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