Projection: Festive Magazine Forests


Giving new life to old stuff is always a groovy thing. Like old magazines and catalogs. And who doesn’t have plenty of those this time of year? Sure, you can toss them into the recycling – or upcycle them into festive holiday trees. We’re glad to show you how and this project is very simple. Even a younger child could make one.

Find an un-needed catalog or magazine. You can use any size.

Step one: Fold the first page from the upper right corner to the binding in the in the middle. Run your hand back over the crease.

Step two: Take the folded edge of the page and fold it in half again until it meets the binding in the middle. Crease it.

Step three: On the bottom is a little triangle. Fold this upwards to be flush with the bottom of the magazine/catalog. And crease it.

Step Four: Repeat with every other page including the covers. Just keep at it, the thicker the magazine or catalog, the more you’ll have to fold.

Towards the end, the folded side gets rather thick. It helps to sort of keep the folded pages on one side and the flat pages on another while you work.

Once you’re all done, you can decorate with your magazine trees as-is or add paint, glitter, ribbons and other ornamentation. Use stuff you have on hand, if you can. We used blue glitter paint on two; some leftover ribbons scraps and put the “toppers” on the two trees with bows using toothpicks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how very cool it looks when it all comes together!

Happy folding!

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