Local-ity: Tattered & Pretty


People find beauty everywhere. For local Baltimore artist Debbie, she can look at swatches of cloth and see bouquets of elegant flowers blooming from the fabric. She handcrafts her blossoms from vintage and upcycled materials and they’re available on her website, Tattered Petals.

As a girl, Debbie learned to sew from her mother. Now a grown woman, she has suitcases and trunks full of fabric remnants ~ she never threw away anything from all those years ago. She felt each small swatch was too lovely to let go. We’re so glad she kept them. Just look what they have become!

To find her inspiration, Debbie looks to the changing shapes, patterns and colors or nature as she creates single stems, bouquets, brooches and hair fascinators. All of her work is one of a kind, and each piece has a unique history- be it an old prom or bridesmaid dress, a vintage flapper gown or another treasure – reincarnated into a new object of beauty by Debbie. Her Tattered Petals are a wonderful home accent or eco-fashion accessory. She also makes wedding and special-occasion bouquets. Oh – and the prices are very reasonable for a handcrafted flower! She starts in the $8 to $10 range for single stems and brooches. It’s a great deal.

Find a moment of peace in the upcoming holiday shuffle to walk through Debbie’s online field of flowers. They are each special and have a story to share with you.

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