Sweeties: Sweet & Sara Marshmallows


Merry Christmas Eve to you ~ hope you are all ready to kick back, relax and enjoy time with someone you love. On holidays, we love traditions – new, old and re-invented. We propose that as you sit by the fireplace tonight, you make some s’mores.

Right, right, we know. Marshmallows have gelatin. But not all of them to. Like these little fluffy pieces of delight from Sweet & Sara. They’re handmade, vegan, kosher and all natural.

Perfect for those little elves to roast by the fireplace.

It’s true that Santa is expecting cookies tonight. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But why not surprise Old St. Nick with a vegan s’more instead? Perhaps he will reward you with some extra holiday cheer in your stocking. Maybe he’ll even leave you more marshmallows or other goodies from Sweet and Sara.

Oh – and in case Santa forgets your marshmallows, you can get them online from the website or at select Whole Foods and other stores.

Merry, merry! dh & bg

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