Upcycled is for the Birds


Earlier this month, we attended an arts & craft festival in Harrisburg, PA. There were loads of goodies there, lots of fun things made by local crafters. But nothing was quite as memorable as a stand called “Mostly for the Birds.” The artisan was a sweet lady named Linda from central Pennsylvania.

Linda finds unwanted scraps and pieces of wood, and builds quirky, cool birdhouses, feeders and other fun objects. She told us that all the fixtures are new – like the hinges and screws  – but overall, she uses lots of upcycled construction materials. And she can tell you exactly what kinds of bird will like each of the houses and feeders.

We got this trapezoid birdhouse and log-feeder at the arts & crafts show. Unfortunately, Linda isn’t selling online yet. If you’re local to the area, you can drop her an email (llitz@pa.net) and she’ll be glad to send a schedule of her upcoming shows/list of places you can get her playful, fab creations.

Things are going well with ours.

Though as you can see, the squirrels usually beat the birds to our log-feeder. Squirrels love peanut butter, that’s for sure!

Thanks Linda for making your upcycled and funky bird feeders and houses. Our backyard wildlife will go through the winter a little warmer , with fuller tummies this season thanks to you!

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