Projection: I heart wreaths


Everyone loves to feel loved.  And thus goes Valentine’s Day.  After all, who wants to be the guy (or gal) that feels like Charlie Brown, eternally waiting by their mailbox for that most old-fashioned token of adoration, a Valentine?

We say, keep on celebrating the love. Upcycle your old Valentines into a wreath of hearts you can use year after year – you can even add to it each year as well!

It’s super simple really. Here’s what you need…

a pile of old Valentines

a wreath form (we used straw, but grapevine would work, too)



hot glue gun & glue sticks

ribbon, faux flowers or other items to decorate, as desired

The first step is to decide which parts of the old Valentines you want to use. They usually have cute photos, drawings and characters. We like to cut out signatures of our family and friends, too.

Next, step two, cut all the hearts for your wreath. Be sure to mix up the sizes for visual variety (unless you like them uniform, of course).

Step three, use the hot glue gun to affix a toothpick to the back of each heart.  You may want to put some hearts on sticks facing in different directions, so you have hearts on the top, bottom and sides of your wreath – but with each heart still facing upright as it will be attached to the wreath.

In the fourth step, fill up the wreath with hearts and secure them with more hot glue.

Decorate as desired with ribbon or other cute stuff – like more hearts or glitter. Then sit back, relax and feel all the love from your new upcycled wreath!

We saw this done once with Christmas cards cut into holly shapes. But it might be even more adorable with hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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