Shop Green/Save Green


Seriously, who doesn’t love a deal?  I mean, even if you have some spare change in your wallet, a good price on something is still welcome, right?

In the spirit of being green and saving green, you’ve gotta check out these two websites. First meet Vegan Cuts. This site is run by a vegan couple, Jill and John, with the help of three other folks and has a mission to help people shop vegan and support vegan businesses. The Vegan Cuts mantra is: Shop Vegan. Save Money. Save Animals.

Their newletters arrives weekly with a main feature – sometimes a health/beauty product, sometimes food, sometimes wardrobe. The main item is offered for a limited time at a substancial savings. Like this little beauty below… who wouldn’t love a luxurious jar of white chocolate truffle moisturizer? Yes please!

Vegan Cuts doesn’t stop there, though. Even after the awesome weekly newsletter deal, you can stop by their website anytime and browse the available items. At the time of this writing, they had shoes, lotion, shirts, handbags, jewelry, candy and – vegan nacho cheese! All at discounted prices!

Ready to save even more green? Now it’s time to visit Green Deals. Green Deals is a shopping site hosted by the good folks at Green America. It also offers a weekly e-newsletter with a featured deal, like Vegan Cuts, but the deals really run the range. You can find solar-powered flashlights, fair trade coffee and chocolate, yoga mats, ZipCar discounts, clothing, shopping bags, glassware – even vacations. And to really sweeten the deal – these are Green America-approved merchants.

To quote from the Green Deals website: Green America’s Seal of Approval recognizes companies showing deep commitments to people and the planet in their policies, practices and products. To receive the Seal, companies complete a rigorous screening process to verify their commitments to social and environmental responsibility. That’s why you know that a deal from Green Deals is truly green.

The Green Deals site also offers online shopping and regular coupons, like those below, that you can use for all sorts of shopping needs.

So there you have it. Shop with wild abandon on Vegan Cuts and Green Pages – you’ll score some excellent eco-loot and save green at the same time.

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