Sweeties: SoYummi Pudding Cups


It’s not exactly candy, but it’s sure sweet and we love this stuff. You can pack it in your lunch bag – or your child’s – and have a tasty pudding snack to go.

Soyummi Puddings are not only cute and remind us of being kids again, but they’re also vegan, gluten free, low fat and kosher. Love it! The founder, Joanne  Hollander, creates her foods on the same principles she uses to feed her own family – real food, no GMOs, no fake anything, no additives. Mad props to you Joanna. And I have to say – the result is delicious.

Making a tasty vegan & gluten free pudding is no small task.  But Soyummi is the real deal. I’m pretty sure you could drop one of these into anyone’s lunch sack or picnic basket and they’re gonna love it.

The Soyummi Dark Chocolate Pudding is the DH’s favorite. It’s rich, decadent and tastes like real chocolate – but with the ideal smooth texture of pudding. My fave is rice pudding. Let me just say – I would be embarrassed to note on this blog how many times I have unsuccessfully attempted to create my own vegan rice pudding recipe. No more tears for me. Now I have Soyummi Rice Pudding. It’s heavenly. Creamy, with sweet, chewy rice and a well-balance mouth-feel. Lovely.

Soyummi also makes a Tapioca, Cherry Pudding and Lime Pudding. We haven’t tried those yet – but they sound promising!

The website at Soyummi is pretty cool too. There’s even a recipe for rice pudding pie! Sign me up!   They have a locator, so you can find a Soyummi retailer (dealer might be a better word… 🙂 near you.

Get a spoon ready!

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  1. Thanks so much for your positive feedback on our puddings. For a small company like Soyummi, it means the world to us to have consumers like you appreciate the hard work we’ve put into our products. Hope you get a chance to try the other flavors, too!

    • Hey Melissa ~ Thanks for stopping by our blog. We are huge fans of your product – and we can’t wait to try more flavors!

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