PCC’s White Wine & Tarragon Mustard


Our pals Amy and Rachel make some awesome treats. Recently they sent this delicous homemade White Wine & Tarragon Mustard. OMG. It’s as good as it sounds. We  have been eating it slowly, to savor every precious bite… we’ve had it on grilled veggies, on sandwiches, on pretzels. It’s complex and flavorful with a thick, fulfilling texture. Mustard-y, spicy, herb-licious.

The recipe for White Wine & Tarragon Mustard is posted on the website for PCC Natural Markets. I can’t repost it here, but you can log on and check it out. The ingredients are very simple, and one batch yields about 2 1/2 cups. There’s even a video on there. How cool is that?

You can preserve it using a canning method if you like. But really, for us, it wouldn’t last very long. Try it on, well, everything you’d put mustard on.

Thanks Amy and Rachel – we LOVE this mustard and can’t wait to whip up another batch!

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