Sweeties: Endangered Species Chocolate


Save animals AND eat chocolate? Sure, count us in!! That’s exactly the mission of Endangered Species Chocolate. The good folks at Endangered Species Chocolate have been making ethical and tasty treats since their humble beginnings as a local Oregon chocolate shop in 1993. They’re now based in Indiana, and are still privately owned, still using only fair trade chocolate and still donating 10% of net profits to fund species and habitat conservation efforts.

It’s exciting that such an ethical company has grown so much. In our area, you can even buy Endangered Species Chocolate at Target and local groceries stores, in addition to specialty stores like Whole Foods. Heck, I’ve even seen my grandmother buying these treats! We love seeing good things come to good companies!
But you can still shop online with Endangered Species, too. There are several types of delicious dark vegan chocolate to choose from on their website, such as espresso bean, blueberry, raspberry, mint, cranberry-almond and extreme dark. In fact, you can even go to the vegan shopping link on the Endangered Species Chocolate website and browse several pages of vegan offerings!  Umm… we’ve pretty much sampled them all. DH likes the extreme dark and cacao. Blueberry is my favorite.

Want a deal? Of course you do! May 18th is Honoring Endangered Species Day. Take 15% off any products you get on the Endangered Species Chocolate website by using the code ESDAY15 at the checkout.

Thanks, Endangered Species Chocolate for making delectable vegan bars – and simultaneously doing so much for the environment & the animals we share it with!

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