New Family Naturals Kale Chips


We first discovered Kale Chips from New Family Naturals at the DC Veg Fest last year. We bought a bag and devoured them while we walked around the festival, deciding what else to eat. But it was recently at the Baltimore Veg Fest we got to actually catch up with these nice folks – and buy more of their delicious chips!

New Family Naturals is a small family-owned business based in northern Virginia. Their product line came to be because they wanted healthier food choices for their own family to munch on: real food, not packages of weird ingredients you need a chemist to decipher. All of their products are hand-made with vegan/vegetarian and wheat-free foods designed to feed your body and soul. They even give 5% of their annual profits to a local charity. In 2011, that was a group called Helping Hungry Kids.

The line includes Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips, Spicy Nacho Kale Chips, Mexican Spice Flax Crackers, Pizza Italiano Flax Crackers and Thai Spice Salad Topper/Trail Mix.  You can buy these treats online or at a variety of Farmer’s Markets in northern Virginia.  They’re all about $6 bucks per bag and worth it for every tasty crunch!!!

The Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips are good eats. Our only comment – keep coming north! We’d love to be able to get these savory morsels in Maryland, too. Yum!

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