101 Cookbooks: Three Bean Salad


Just about everyone who reads blogs has heard of 101 Cookbooks. Written by Heidi Swanson, author of Super Natural Cooking, the online blog/journal is an incredible resource of whole-food, healthful recipes. It’s very well organized and easy to find what you want – she even specifically lists her 139 vegan offerings.

Earlier this summer, we found ourselves in need of a 3-bean salad recipe for our annual neighborhood block party. So I tried 101 Cookbooks and Heidi delivered. In her archive, we found  Balsamic Honey Bean Salad. It was a simple vegan conversion, swapping the honey for agave. And there was no romaine in our fridge, but we had plentiful lettuce in the yard, so we swapped that, too!

Heidi’s Balsamic Honey Bean Salad was a big hit at the neighborhood block party – it was one of the first dishes to be completely eaten. It’s nice to bring home an empty serving bowl!

For us, we loved the clean simplicity of the flavors – how well the balsamic, agave and lemon blended with the fresh thyme to make a tasty salad dressing. We made the actual bean salad the night before our neighborhood block party to let the beans marinade. Right before we took it outside, we added the sliced lettuce and toasted almonds. They were crunchy with the beans and the combination is a true winner.

Alas, this is one Heidi’s recipes, so we can’t print it here, but you can find it on her site, 101 Cookbooks. While you’re there, browse around – she is quite the talented writer with a huge archive of creative recipes and other goodies!

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