Greener Table, Everyday


In the not-so-distant past, trying to find eco-friendly linens pretty much meant you were buying used or antique. We were fine with that, and have found lots of great choices at local vintage and resale shops. The only thing… when you’re feeding people on antique linens, you can get kind of protective. And there’s not much that’s green about linens that require dry-cleaning.

Now there’s another option and it’s easy to find: linens made  from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are cleaned, crushed and repurposed into polyester yarn. For example, each napkin used to be 3 water bottles.

And these recycled plastic bottle linens are super low maintenance, too. You can wash them with your laundry and dry them on low in the dryer. No worries about spills – liquids just bead up on the cloth’s surface.

We have found a variety of colors of recycled plastic-bottle lines at many national retailers, including Kohl’s, where they sell under the Food Network Brand, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, where the brand is called Evolution. You can get square, rectangle and round tablecloths, as well as placemats and napkins. Perfect for everyday use – or special occasions!

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  1. I think this is a great point about antiques in general. Some of the best used clothing is vintage or antique that requires extra care, and as much as I love my Union-Made 50 year old trench coat it’s not exactly something I want to wear daily.

    I’m excited about Evolution, especially since it’s easy to find!

    • So true Erica – but those incredible vintage and antique finds can be sooooo cool, right? We love all of ours. Just not for everyday use. : )

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