West Philly Vegan: Banana Bread Pudding


There were three bananas on the counter. They were almost past their prime, if you know what I mean: kinda soft, with medium-sized black spots. We  decided to make banana bread, but all our recipes only needed one banana, and who needs 3 loaves of banana bread? I mean, we don’t run a B&B, ya know?

We got online and sniffed around for a banana recipe that used more fruit and West Philly Vegan had the answer for us: a banana bread pudding with a simple ingredient list and a topping that used three (yay!) bananas and chocolate chips. Yum!

The West Philly Vegan is a gal named Christine and she adapted this tasty treat from another recipe in Vegimonicon by Isa Chandra Moscowitz and Terry Hope Romero. For Christine, she was trying to find a use for leftover bread. So this recipe is a winner all around: use up extra bread, use up slightly-past-their-prime bananas and eat chocolate!

We altered it a tiny bit, because we didn’t have any tapioca starch on hand. Instead I added enough egg replacer to make three “eggs” and the result held together really well with great texture.

This recipe is gooey, sweet and very filling. We had it both warm and chilled – it works both ways. If you eat it warm, try a scoop of vanilla soy-ice-cream on top. Heaven. It’s a comforting, home-style recipe like grandma used to make. Well,  if your grandma was a funky vegan from Philly, that is.

As you know, we don’t reprint recipes without permission, so be sure to check out the West Philly Vegan‘s recipe for Banana Bread Pudding. It’s the perfect way to use up leftovers and makes a delightful, sweet dessert. 

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  1. Oh wow. That looks insanely delicious! And I think I’m the only one who uses almost more bananas than flour in my banana bread recipe!

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