Local-ity: Wild Pea Hummous


We love seeing good people doing good things. Like Blake, over at The Wild Pea. We’ve been lucky enough to know Blake for years – since he and his sister Whitney owned  the Middle-Eastern themed Desert Cafe in Baltimore, and BG used to be a regular bellydance performer there every Saturday night.

Blake is really good people. And now, he’s making really good hummus. Or hummous. (You say tomato, I say tomato…)

While working at the Desert Cafe Blake became inspired to try making new and different flavors of hummus: some spicy, some savory and some sweet. He and his team now use the combinations and techniques he discovered to make The Wild Pea Hummous in small batches, right here in Baltimore.

Some of the savory flavors include Old Bay, Bloody Mary, Asian Fire, Black Truffle, Curry, Pumpkin Seed, Green Tea, Strawberry Basil and Ball Park (relish & kraut). Not all of the Wild Pea flavors are vegan – some have cheese or even bacon, so be sure to check it out when you are shopping. But most are good to go – and taste great. So far we’ve tried Old Bay, Curry and Asian Fire. All delish.

We pick up our Wild Pea Hummous at Wegmans’ in Columbia, and they don’t have sweet flavors available there yet. But they sound fun: Keylime, Butterfinger, Cinnamon Raisin, Banana Split and PBJ are among the stand outs. There are loads more.

Of course, now you want to know where you can get some Wild Pea Hummous. Well you’re in luck, it’s available locally in Whole Foods, Wegman’s, MOM’s Organic Market, and Eddie’s, as well as a few other retailers and several weekly Farmer’s Markets in the Balto/DC region. You can check out their link for locations and markets. Or you can buy it online and they will ship it right to you! Or of course, stop by the Desert Cafe and try it there. You can get other tasty vegan treats there, too!

Good eats- and congrats Blake!

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