Travel Eco-Geek Style


This week we’re traveling again for work, so it seemed a great time to show off these eco-friendly luggage tags. What techno nerds (like, well, us) wouldn’t dig on a luggage tag made of upcycled computer circuit boards? We certainly love them.

And you know how much these little guys stand out when your luggage is on that big, rattling metal carousel at the airport? You will be able to spot your bag from the bunch in seconds. Cuz not everyone has brightly colored luggage tags made from upcycled circuit board parts! No way, no how.

Want to be eco-geek-chic yourself? These and other accessories (like business card holders and money clips and cufflinks) made from upcycled circuit boards are available from our friends at in DC.

According to the site, the company that makes these accessories keeps about 25,000 to 30,000 pounds of circuit boards out of landfills each year. That’s way more than just geek-cool. That’s downright incredible!

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