Sweeties: Chocolove


There’s not much in the world of sweets we like better than chocolate, and chocolate that comes with poetry is double sweet. That’s what you’ll find in every bar of Chocolove dark chocolate. It’s like date night – in a wrapper…

Chocolove bars are made in small batches in Boulder, Colorado. Timothy Moley is the founder, owner and chocolatier at Chocolove –  a man who lives and breathes chocolate, and has been consuming two chocolate bars, every day, for the past ten years. His journey began doing volunteer work for USAID in Indonesia. While in a cocoa field  there, the idea of a career in chocolate inspired him and a plan began to form –  to create a premium chocolate bar, paired with the romance of love.

They make a number of dark chocolate bars that are vegan-friendly and Chocolove actually uses different processing machines for dark and milk chocolates, to keep the dark candy truly dairy-free.

Chocolove’s dark flavor line-up:  77% Extra Strong Dark, 70% Strong Dark, 65% Rich Dark, Crystallized Ginger in 65% Dark, Raspberry in 55% Dark, Coffee Crunch in 55%Dark, Orange Peel in 55%dark, Peppermint in 55% Dark, Chile & Cherries in 55% Dark, Almond and Sea Salt in 55%Dark, Pure Dark 55%, Cherries and Almond in 55%Dark, Fair Trade Organic with Currants and Almonds in 73% Dark, Fair Trade Organic with Cherries in 73% Dark, and Fair Trade Organic 73% Dark.

How do ya like that? Yes, that’s much love to Chocolove for 16 different rich, dreamy dark chocolate bars! And each one with a love letter or poem inside. Sigh… so romantic.

Where to find it? You can purchase Chocolove online from their website, or pick it up at Whole Foods or World Markets nationwide. They also have a handy online store locator, so you can find Chocolove near you.

Get one for yourself, then send one to someone you love. Who couldn’t use a little Chocolove?

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    • We love how easy they are to find, too. So many stores carry them – even our local grocery and Target! We don’t have to drive to Whole Foods to find them. 🙂

      • Ditto! I can buy them at Smith’s grocery store. They taste every bit as good as a $7 whole foods fancy chocolate bar!

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