Kinder Kibble


Our greyhound is particular. Since the day we picked her up from Greyhound Rescue, she’s gotten used to baked homemade treats, fresh food, a wardrobe of fancy collars and as many comfy spots to snooze as any dog could hope for. She literally has seven dog beds. It’s a bit excessive, I admit.

But, when it comes to eating, she is the most finicky dog I have ever crossed paths with. We don’t know if it’s from all the home-cooking, or if she was born that way. When this hound doesn’t like something, she walks away from it. She will go hungry before she will even consider eating food she doesn’t find up to snuff. Oh – and we have had very little success getting her to eat any sort of bought kibble. Ever. No matter how costly, organic or wholesome it was.

When some nice folks at the Baltimore Veg Fest handed us a sample of V-Dog kibble, we took it, but didn’t anticipate results of any kind. After all, it’s a daily dance to get our hound to eat anything, nevermind kibble. We sat it aside until recently.

Imagine our surprise when she devoured, literally, every bite of  V-Dog. She was standing there rattling the dish for more.

Turns out V-Dog is a 100% vegan dog food, made and sourced in the USA by  a family-owned company.  V-Dog is committed to making the 80-million companion dogs in the country more eco-friendly, because a vegan dog, like a vegan person, has a much lighter footprint on the Earth.

And as impressive as it was to see our greyhound gobble up the kibble, we were equally impressed with V-Dog‘s ingredient  list. No corn, no soy, no gluten, no wheat. It’s protein comes from peas, lentils and peanuts as well as a host of whole vegetables and grains like brown rice. In fact, you can read the ingredient list online and recognize all the good stuff in each bag. Speaking of the bags, they’re even biodegradable. Impressive.

If you have a dog, you should check out V-Dog. Don’t look at your local pooch boutique though – it’s only available online for now. We tried – we literally called every pet store in a 50 miles range and no one had heard of it – but hey, they have now, thanks to us requesting it. That’s one way to spread the word about this awesome dog food.

So get over to the V-dog website and pick up a bag for your best friend. If our dog likes it, there’s a good chance that yours will too. Cuz what canine doesn’t love kibble that smells like peanut butter treats?

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  1. A local grocery store here in the East Bay (CA) carries it! I saw it at Berkeley Bowl West. Hopefully, many more stores will begin carrying it as well. At least ordering online is easy & shipping is super fast.

    • We have found the online service to be excellent, as well – but fingers crossed that more stores will soon carry it on the east coast too!

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