All Hail Falafel!


Everyone needs a fast meal sometimes.  You know, you have a million things to do and there’s that rumbling in your belly – and cooking for even 15 minutes seems like wayyyyy too long? That’s when quick and easy foods like falafels from Falafel Republic are the ideal go-to. We’ve tried both the roasted garlic and traditional falafels – they’re good cold or warm. And of course, they make an incredibly tasty wrap, especially with some hummus and veggies thrown into the mix!

These tasty little patties are vegan and made in the USA. They’re loaded with real ingredients, too like chickpeas, fava beans, spices, parsley and minced onion. Mmmm… The company is based in Massachusetts and even has gotten air time on The Today Show. Which means they make a yummy falafel, you know?

We loved the “about us” page on Falafel Republic‘s website: The Falafel Republic is a borderless group of supporters who subscribe to no specific ideology other than the enjoyment of falafel and to exploit it’s versatility in their quest for good food. The following meal and snack solutions show how members of The Falafel Republic are covering the globe one bite at a time. Sounds good to us.

We picked up our Falafel Republic falafels at a local grocery store chain in the deli area, right next to the hummus, and according to the website, they are available nationwide.  So grab some next time you’re shopping – they’re a great fast lunch or supper – flavorful and filling! Oh, and their website and Facebook page are both loaded with falafel recipe ideas, in case you have more time to cook!

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