Sweeties: RJ’s Candies


You thought we only liked chocolates, didn’t you? Cuz whenever you read one of our “sweeties” column, it’s usually about chocolate or something you can eat with chocolate. Well, we are not just cocoa-holics. We also enjoy our sugar in other forms. Like soft, chewy licorice. Like RJ’s Licorice Logs.

They lovely candies have only 1 gram of fat per log, and possess soft, divine texture. The raspberry flavor is sweet, tangy and soooo chewy. And the traditional black licorice flavor has serious depth — like all those happy memories you have of black jellybeans sticking to your teeth, but rolled into a delish log of goodness!

RJ’s Licorice is made in New Zealand and available all over the world, including the U.S., Canada and England. For us, we buy ours at any number of places: our local grocery stores all carry them, and we’ve seen them in health food stores, too, like Whole Foods. The company is run by and father and son team, the Halliwells, who decided to do one thing and do it well: create the world’s best licorice treats.  Guys, we say you’ve got it.

They make other vegan-friendly licorice candy, too, but the logs are where it’s at. You can tuck one in your purse or lunchbag – even stash a few in the car console. Be sure to look for them at your local supermarket or health food store – they are either in the candy aisle or just near the register. Yum!

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