Hippie Chips: Get Crunchy


When we saw a bag of Hippie Chips by Rock-n-Roll Gourmet at our local super market, we had to try them. After all, it’s about time someone recognized and made chips just for people like us. 🙂   I mean, seriously, you must know by now that hippies want to eat more than just granola. (hee hee)

Rock-n-Roll Gourmet was founded in June 2009 with the mission to produce healthy, great-tasting snacks. They are a company of music lovers and musicians who, confronted by unhealthy snack food choices traditionally found at most live performance venues, recognized an unfilled niche for a healthy-yet-delicious snack alternative. The snacks that Rock-n-Roll Gourmet makes are low-cal, low-fat, gluten free, non-GMO, certified Kosher and contain no MSG or trans-fats. That’s good news when you’ve got the munchies. Oh – and they’re made in the USA. Love that.

They make six kinds of savory Hippie Chips, three are vegan and three are vegetarian:

Vegan Baked Potato Chips:

Haight-Ashberry Jalapeno, Memphis Blues Barbeque and Sea of Love Salt

Vegetarian Baked Potato Chips:

Lime is on My Side Cracked Pepper (whey); White Room Cheddar (whey, cheese, buttermilk); Woodstock Ranch (buttermilk)

We tried the Haight-Ashberry Jalapeno Hippie Chips. The flavor and texture were great. They reminded us of PopChips with more attitude and a bit of kick. And the 1 oz. bag was a great portion size.

Rock-n-Roll Gourmet also makes several sweet snacks, which are all vegetarian (contain dairy).

If you want to grab a bag of munch-able Hippie Chips for yourself, you can check local grocery stores (ours were found at a Maryland Safeway in the natural foods aisle), or order online right from the source. Sample one bag or buy a dozen and use them for lunches and snacks. Heck, if you’re a hippie, you could carry a bag to your next concert or protest. Crunch on, man.

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  1. cant find them anywhere .not even on the internet ??? HELP!!!!!! My son 15 year old musician son has become heath conscious and he has had me searching high and low for them. Cant even order directly from them.

    • Hey Lori, you can get some on Amazon.com, however, the company site appears to be down. 😦 Hopefully it’s just a snafu or redesign, but we will check back again.

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