No Miss Nails


While browsing around on Vegan Essentials, I spotted No Miss nail polish. Though I’m far from a glamour girl, I do enjoy a nice mani-pedi. There’s just something about having finished tips and toes that makes me feel a little more put-together. 🙂 For some time, I already shopped for polishes with no animal ingredients/testing, and selected formaldehyde-free brands. But after looking into No Miss, I had to try it.

This Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based company was founded to create cosmetics that don’t contain ingredients damaging to people or the environment. They are committed to developing non-chemical, non-cancerous product with no animal ingredients and no animal testing. Sounds great to me.

No Miss offers more than 150 shades, so there’s plenty to choose from. You can coordinate with every outfit – from goth to preppy to bridal to office-professional. For the young at heart, even glow-in-the-dark and glitter varieties are available! All polishes are formaldehyde-, toluene-, camphor- and phthalate-free. They dry fast, don’t chip and last like crazy. In fact, long after we had passed the “one week test” deadline, both I and my friend who tried the polish with me couldn’t believe how well the colors held up! We both used  No Miss Base Coat, followed by Hollywood Honey for me and Plant City Punch for her. The top was sealed with No Miss It’s Dry Fast-Dry Top Coat.

No Miss polishes are incredibly vivid and glossy. They contain UV inhibitors to protect your nails from the sun. Each polish is between $7 and $9, plus shipping. They’re also available at retailers, like Whole Foods and locally in Maryland at Roots Market. Oh – and be sure to pick up a bottle of No Miss’ vanilla-scented Almost Natural Polish Remover, which contains no acetone and no ethyl aceate. It isn’t stinky or as toxic as your usual commercial polish remover and works well to remove No Miss polishes – which don’t give up easily – they want to stay on your nails!

As an extra bonus, No Miss also makes eyeliner, mascara, dye-free eyeshadow, eye make-up remover, lip glosses and healing lip balms. Gorgeous!

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    • The No Miss polish was a real winner! Worth checking out for sure! And I haven’t tried Everyday Minerals Make-up – I will look it up though. Free samples are always a plus!

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