Happy Hurricane Halloween!


Here in Baltimore we are having a scary Halloween – with a visit from Hurricane Sandy! It’s the ideal time to curl up with something comfy – like spooky chocolate and cocktails, and wait for the storm to pass. We figured -heck- why not start Halloween a little early?

This year’s candy treat (for ourselves, cuz’ big kids like sweets too!) comes from Sweet Earth Chocolate, a small company based in Cailfornia. They use all fair trade and organic chocolate in their sweets, and the Halloween selections we chose are all vegan. We loved their holiday slogan: Fair trade is BOO-tiful! Yea, we’re with you on that!

The seasonal selections from Sweet Earth Chocolates include skulls, bats, pumpkins and witches, all available vegan – and with vegetarian options, like white or milk chocolate. They can be purchased in groupings, perfect for a family or parties – or as individual pieces. which was ideal for us, because if we bought a grouping, we’d eat them all.

Sweet Earth Chocolates also has a very cool trick-or-treat option! Mini-discs, with a fun sticker, are for sale in bags of 50 or 100 pieces. Perfect to fill your big bowl of candy for the kids in your neighborhood! Mixed bags of dark and milk chocolate are available.

Halloween is almost here, so if you can’t get to Sweet Earth Chocolates in time, you know because of a Hurricane or something, be sure to check back on their site for Thanksgiving and Christmas offerings, as well as their all-year selections. There are truffles, chocolate heart & leaves, peanut butter cups, coconut clusters, turtles, peppermint cups, caramels, bars and nuggets. Talk about fabulous options – so many to pick from, and almost all with vegan chocolate choices!

We tried the chocolate caramel nuggets in coffee – they were super yummy, soft, chewy and chocolatey. We will have to try them soon in the other vegan flavors:  dark chocolate, Aztec and spicy orange. Mmmm… Thanks Sweet Earth Chocolates for making Halloween (and hurricanes!) a little sweeter here!

Around here, we seriously love celebrating Halloween, you know, high spirits and all despite the weather. So each fall we have a fun Halloween cocktail. This year it was a simple vegan conversion. There is a well-known festive and spooky cocktail called a Liquid Ghost. Our version – the Vegan Ghost.

Vegan Ghost Cocktail

2 parts vanilla almond milk (we use Almond Breeze)

1 part whipped-cream vodka (doesn’t actually contain cream! We use Pinnacle brand)

1 splash simple syrup, to taste

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Serve in a martini glass. We found that the cocktail was sweet enough for our taste without the simple syrup. If your vanilla almond milk is unsweetened though, you might need the simple syrup. The resulting cocktail tastes very much like a milkshake!

Our ghostly martini glass was made by artist Lolita and is entitled “Spooky Juice.”

Happy Haunting – and everyone on the east coast – Stay Safe!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I wonder if I can get these at whole foods in time for halloween? I bought vegan pretzels and they all disappeared under my 3 year old’s bed. wrappers everywhere!

    • Ha ha – sounds like you have a little monster hiding under the bed! And to find out if you can get them locally, I’d try calling the company. The number from their website is 805-782-9868. They aren’t far from you, in Cali, so you may get lucky!

      • stocked up on more vegan pretzels, but you are so sweet and kind to look up the details. Sometimes the 45 minute drive to whole foods is just too overwhelming!

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