Sweeten Up the Holidays


Everyone loves holiday gifting. Well, sort of. It can be tiring… searching out the perfect things for your loved ones and colleagues. And then trying to make it both eco-friendly and vegan. Okay, so maybe it’s not always the funnest thing. But why not *make* gifts instead? We know awesome vegans out there who accomplish amazing feats, such as making homemade bar soaps and fresh preserves as gifts. We’re hippies though… we’re not that ambitious.

This crafty idea came from my mom. After shelling out over $20 for a jar of organic, locally-made, vegan sugar scrub, she decided she had had enough and started to experiment with making her own. The results have been fantastic. So great, in fact, that we got together, made several large batches and jarred them up for holiday gifts. No more trips to the mall, thank you very much! Our friends and family will get the treat of a luxurious, natural sugar scrub – loaded with organic oils to moisturize dry winter skin.sugarsc1_lr

It’s super easy.  The part that will take the most time – going to the health food store to buy the oils. We used sweet orange, cinnamon and clove Aura Cacia essential oils to scent ours like winter pomanders, but you can use whatever you like. Maybe lavender and lemon? Or rose oil? Go crazy. For containers, we used a few re-purposed candle jars with lids and plain ole’ Ball canning jars. Decorate them any way you like – ribbons, cloth. Have fun – and don’t eat it. Just sayin’. Cuz it does smell good enough to eat!

Holiday Sugar Scrub


3 cups organic sugar (we used Florida Crystals)

1/2 cup organic olive oil

1/4 cup organic almond oil

1/8 cup organic grapeseed oil

1/8 cup organic jojoba oil

20 drops organic sweet orange essential oil (or to your scent preference)

15 drops organic cinnamon essential oil (or to your scent preference)

10 drops organic clove essential oil (or to your scent preference)

In a large glass bowl, add sugar and break up any lumps. In a sturdy liquid measuring cup, combine all oils and stir with a spoon. Gently fold oils into sugar and when well blended, pack into jars. How many jars you can fill will depend on the size of the jars. Tightly close lids and decorate jars as desired.

Gift to your friends and family – or stock up your own shower for the winter! 🙂


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