Sweeties: Go Max Go Candy Bars


Sometimes we miss things from the past. Like certain candy that spurs warm nostalgia. I have many happy memories of Krackel bars: sharing one with a friend at lunch in elementary school or finding them in Halloween treat bags. But of course, no vegan eats Krackel bars. Or Mounds. Or Milky Way, Reese’s Cups, Three Musketeers, Snickers or Butterfinger. These items are far from vegan and their companies are even farther from ethical.

Well. Get ready, Go Max Go is about to blow your mind. This fabulous company has created all-vegan versions of your  classic candy bar favorites. Shazam!

Go Max Go is a vegan family-owned and operated, Dallas, Texas-based business. Their name is a tribute their dog Max, a German Shepherd-mix, who taught them through action that life should be about big love, having fun at every opportunity, and not worrying about tripping when you’re chasing after your dream (in his case, usually a tennis ball).

To honor all the great times they shared with Max, the owners felt his favorite cheer, “Go Max, go!” would be a great name for their company and a wonderful way to memorialize their canine friend of 16 1/2 years.

Their line includes….

Cleo’s – A sweet, creamy peanut butter cup with rice-milk chocolate. And it’s gluten free.

Snap! – My personal favorite, a crunchy, noisy crisp-rice chocolate bar with rice milk chocolate. Also gluten-free.

Jokerz – Layers of dry-roasted peanuts, decadent caramel, and gooey peanut nougat, wrapped in chocolate.

Twlight – Fluffy, chocolate nougat topped with a thick layer of caramel, swathed in rice-milk chocolate.

Mahalo – Sweetened coconut candy topped with three whole dry roasted almonds and covered in a luscious chocolate.

Buccaneer –  Decadent and smooth nougat covered in a creamy rice-milk chocolate coating.

and their newest treat…

Thumbs Up – We haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks in the photo like a Butterfinger, with crunchy peanut candy filling. As soon as we can do some, eh, research, we’re report back on the Thumbs Up bar!

One bite of these heavenly candies will take you back in time to those days of youth when an occasional chocolate bar was the treat you looked forward to all week. The gooey caramel; the crisp rice. Everything is just like you remember, but better cuz its vegan and made with ethically sourced ingredients by Go Max Go.

Finding these little gems is perhaps the toughest part of the equation. We knew about them long before we tried them. It wasn’t until we bought a few at the gift shop of Farm Sanctuary in New York that we experienced the bliss of Go Max Go bars. Our local Wegman’s in Maryland carries three of the bars. You can find them online at Vegan Essentials, and using the Go Max Go online locator as well.

Ready to bite into a dairy-free, cruelty-free version of your childhood favorite? You gotta get your hands on some candy bars from Go Max Go!

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