Very Berry Laundry


Everyone has to have clean clothes. And most laundry soap is a bit less than eco-friendly. Many contain phosphates and other toxins that end up in our water – killing off sea life and algae in the ocean, and creating dead zones where no aquatic life can survive. Another concern relating to laundry detergent is that it can make the wash water acidic, and depending on where that water runs to, it could further impact the environment, having effects similar to acid rain. Apparently, the EPA has done research into standard laundry detergents being possible carcinogens to the humans wearing the clean clothes. We heard all these uplifting facts (and many more- whew) at a talk we attended a few months ago hosted by the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Though we’re both vegan, drive a hybrid and do everything green we can think of, we decided to try harder with our soap usage, especially laundry soap. Enter BerryPlus.

BerryPlus came to us off a deal on Vegan Cuts. (As a sidenote, if you don’t subscribe to Vegan Cuts, take a break from this blog and go sign up now!) The adorable packaging caught my eye and I wondered how it was possible for such an itsy teeny tiny amount of soap to get an entire load of laundry clean. The folks at BerryPlus call those little tubes “microdoses” and one works for an entire load.


After reading about BerryPlus online, I learned that it is made from soapberries, which, when combined with water and shaken, give off a soapy residue that has been used to clean clothes naturally in India and other parts of Asia, like, forever. We tried it first on towels – they came out clean and vivid, and after a tumble in the dryer, they were fluffy and soft with no noticeable smell of any kind.  Feeling confident, the next load was jeans. These were *really dirty* and again, we were thrilled with how they came out – soft, clean, no smell. As a different kind of test, I used BerryPlus on a load of delicates – stockings and lacy intimates. My “personals” turned out well – just very clean.

Officially sold. We love BerryPlus.

The BerryPlus website says it works as well as anything else on the market, but is much less irritating and super safe for your clothes, your family, your washing machine and the planet. It is so safe that BerryPlus doesn’t come with warnings or first aid instructions about how to use it.  It is made of berries, water, vegetable glycerin (for softening & stability), olive leaf extract (to kill bacteria) and potassium sorbate/sodium benozoate (food grade preservatives to make it shelf stable).

Save the fish. Save the waterways. Save your clothes. Try this awesome laundry soap.  Chances are that you can’t find it yet in your local supermarket, so try this link to get a pack of microdoses. They are also selling BerryPlus in dropper bottles, now, as well.

Have a happy, healthy Laundry Day!

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