Sweeties: Feed Your Face Vegan Caramels


Is it too soon for another post in the category of Sweeties? What treat could inspire us to bump aside a savory recipe or healthy dish? Three words… Buttery, sweet, gooey. What bliss art thou.? Yes, we’re talking about YOU, vegan caramels…


Genius candy maker Nicole at Feed Your Face has come up with coconut-milk based vegan caramels. Flavors include… green tea chai, carrot cake, blood orange, spicy mango, mulled apple cider, lemongrass coconut, pomegranate balsamic, dark chocolate orange, mocha, vanilla orange creamsicle, dark chocolate, double ginger, dark chocolate pumpkin spice, vanilla, maple, Hawaiian sea salt, dark chocolate sea salt, espresso, pumpkin spice, lavender brown sugar. Yes, that’s TWENTY different flavors of vegan caramels.

You can buy a sampler to indulge in one bite of each exquisite sweetie. They’re also gluten-free and corn syrup-free! There are special flavors that come along from time-to-time as well, such as gingerbread and eggnog for the holidays, and raspberry-balsamic-white pepper for Valentine’s Day. Yum! Be sure to check the Feed Your Face site for seasonal offerings.

Bonus: her wrappers are eco-friendly – you can compost the plastic the candies come in, as well as the bag. The ribbon they were tied with is handmade of reclaimed cotton or banana fibers by a fair trade women’s cooperative in Nepal. Gorgeous.

Aside from the fact that she is based in New York state, the Feed Your Face/Vegan Caramels website doesn’t say much about the company – nothing about what inspired Nicole to make vegan caramels, her philosophy, or even cute notes about her pets or kids. We have to think, though, that Nicole is a great lady, as her Facebook page has lots of personality, and when worthy causes come along, she donates proceeds from her sales to them. Plus, I mean – gosh – she makes vegan caramels! She must be an angel of awesomeness.

We really enjoyed the vegan caramels from Feed Your Face. They stick to your teeth; have a rich smooth texture; and leave a buttery aftertaste on the tongue. All the hallmarks of delish caramel. If you want a truly sweet sweet, this is the candy for you! Visit her site and feast your eyes on the twenty incredible flavors. She’s currently taking pre-orders for Valentine’s Day. Oh, our favorites were lavender brown sugar, dark chocolate, maple and mocha. In case anyone cares to send another bag our way…

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