Vegan Truffle Luv

Something about chocolate truffles just says decadent. Which makes them the ideal gift for a Valentine.  You can definitely find vegan truffles for sale nowadays. But how romantic would you be if you made some? Yea, baby. That’s right.
There are many much more complex ways to go about creating vegan truffles. And I say, let them to the professionals.  This vegan truffle base is delicious, and while you will still need to bust out the double boiler, it’s much easier than other attempts we have made with longer ingredient lists.
We note below that are are two ways to coat your truffles. For us, the roll in cocoa powder is sufficient. You can also roll them in chopped nuts, coconut flakes, sugar crystals – you get the idea. But if you’re going after the *wow* you may want to try the second method, which involves dipping them in chocolate to create a hard candy shell. It’s quite fancy and any guy/gal not blown away by this effort is clearly not worth your time.
Vegan Truffles
3/4 cup unsalted or raw cashews
3/4 cup of cold water
16 oz. semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate
Soak the cashews in the water for about an hour, then put water and cashews into a blender or food processor on high speed for about 2 to 4 minutes. It seems like a long time, but keep blending! The cashews will reach a delicious creamy texture and all the nut pieces will be completely broken down. Meanwhile, in the top of a double boiler, melt the chocolate until smooth. Fold cashew cream into the melted chocolate until well mixed. Pour into a low, flat casserole and chill for about 2 hours until set. Roll mixture into small balls, working quickly, so the heat from your hands doesn’t melt the chocolate. Feeling cutsie? Try making them in heart shapes. We did. 🙂
There are two coating options for any type of truffles… if you haven’t already eaten them as-is!
The first option is the easier one – roll the finished balls in cocoa powder, chopped nuts, vegan graham cracker crumbs, shredded coconut, sprinkles, sugar crystals, powdered sugar or chocolate shavings. And that’s it! Store in a cool place and serve at room temperature.
The second option is to coat the truffle in another layer of chocolate. To do this, chill the rolled truffles again, or even freeze them. Once they are really cool, add 16 oz. of semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips to the top level of a double boiler. If the chocolate gets thick, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil or shortening at a time, to thin it out and make the coating chocolate glossy. Once the chocolate is smooth and melted, use a fork to dip the cooled truffle centers into it. Place them on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. If you want to add decoration to the coating chocolate, like sprinkles or cocoa, be sure to add it to the truffles while the chocolate is still wet, or it won’t stick. Once the entire batch is done, let the 2nd layer of chocolate firm up in the fridge.
If you are giving these as a Valentine’s Day gift, be sure to present them in a pretty box or on a cute platter to your Sweetie.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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