Nacho de Mayo


You know you love nachos. Everyone does. Aren’t nachos the reason for Cinco De Mayo anyway? Wait… that’s not right…

Around here, there are NO nachos without Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso. It comes in a glass jar and there are three flavor options: Voodoo Queso; Ultimate Vegan Queso and Fire-Roasted Vegan Queso.  Of these, the Voodoo and Fire-Roasted are both gluten and nut free – and everything is fat free and mind-blowingly creamy!


We are happy to share our nacho-making tips with you. First, you need quality chips. And lots of them. A few of our favorites are Trader Joe’s Black Bean & Quinoa, Late July Sweet Potato, Late July Sea Salt, and R.W. Garcia Mixt Bag. Spread out your tortilla chips (one or two entire bags) on a large cookie sheet and warm them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes on 375. This will make them crispy, delicious and toasty.

In the meantime, prepare your hot ingredients. For us, this includes sauted onions, garlic, mushrooms, black beans and corn kernels. We also usually add refried beans, too. Warm everything up in a pan and when the chips are done, top them with the caliente fixins. Next, the cool toppings – sliced olives, lettuce, salsa, avocado, pico de gallo, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, hummus – whatever you like. We usually pile it on so the nachos are a hearty meal.

Then… you open the jar of Nacho Mom’s Queso. Smell it – the cheesy, spicy aroma is incredible. The texture is already perfect, so there’s no need to melt or warm it unless you want hot queso on the nachoes. We just use it room temp and let the heat of the chips/onions/beans warm the queso a bit. Spoon it all over, really try to get it all in the those nooks and crannies. This stuff is so good, you want it on every last bite.

Finally, add guac, vegan sour cream or a squeeze of lime juice and dig in! If you make nachos like we do (see photo above) , it will literally look like a trough and you can share it with a few friends over margaritas for Cinco de Mayo this weekend.

Before we leave you to mix those cocktails up and warm your chips in the oven – gotta point out that Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso has more applications that just chips! We also love it as a chili topper, on baked potatoes, drizzled over steamed broccoli or cauliflower, as a dip for hot pretzels and even as a sandwich spread. The company’s website has several recipe ideas online – including one for vegan chili fries! Yum!

You also need to know… Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso is low-calorie (only 160 calories per jar!), has no sugar or fat, and contains 16 grams of fiber! For real… I think the creators of this wonderful product must have made a deal with el diablo to make vegan queso that’s so good – and so good for you. The company is based in Austin, Texas and the real story is that Chef Alana, a CIA-trained culinary pro, took a full year to develop this tasty treat.

Want more incentive to run to your car and buy this jar of vegan cheezy-love? Nacho Mom’s uses sales from their queso to support their own animal sanctuary! Nacho Mom’s has a certified wildlife habitat and chicken sanctuary & rescue.  This was all hand-built by Nacho Mom herself with animal loving helpers–even the 6 foot deep ponds (allowing frogs to get below ground level to survive the winters)and a 25 foot stream of filtered but non-chlorinated water.  It has saved lives for many years..but this was especially true in 2011.   No rain hit this area of Austin for 6 solid months, the city wildlife sanctuaries were booked to capacity, and animals were unable to survive…and went into suburban neighborhoods trying to find sprinklers, but lawn watering was mostly banned due to the shortage. Everything from deer to foxes joined the habitat. Love it.

Need to know where to get Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso? Their website lists many retail locations nationwide, including chains like Whole Foods. In Maryland, where we are, you can find them at MOM’s Organic Markets and Pangea Vegan Store in Rockville.  Online try Pangea or Vegan Essentials.

And with that happy thought, we wish you an Happy Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy your nachos and pile on the queso!


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