Chew on This


Not all vegans and vegetarians have companion animals that follow in their footsteps and embrace a plant-based lifestyle. But for some, it’s a natural choice.

For those canines who miss the hobby of  a good, satisfying chew (provided your hound hasn’t chewed up shoes or sofas… anyone ever have a lab puppy?) there’s now a veg-friendly option: sweet potato chews.  Carolina Prime is a USA-based pet food company and has two vegan options for dogs that love to chew, chew, chew.


Sweet Tater Fries come in two vegan flavors: Plain and Peanut Butter. Both have very short ingredient lists that even fussy pooch-mommies and -daddies will approve of. The sweet potatoes are dehydrated for a tough texture and also boast vitamins A & C, iron, folate, copper and zinc. They are made in the USA (North Carolina) and are a natural, low fat source of fiber. So your pooch will enjoy the chewing – and feel full! Eurkea! The sofa is safe again!

You can buy them online from Carolina Prime, or pick them up at your local Petco or Petsmart.

Chew on that, my houndie friends!


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