Sentimental Upcycling


If you’re an animal lover, you know how it feels to want to keep your beloved companion with you all the time. Wouldn’t it be super if your hound could cruise the mall with you? Alas, dogs and cats can rarely accompany us to work, grocery shopping or other public places. That day may come. Someday. But till then,  if you save your friend’s annual tags, you can have a singular remembrance made that will last and last – and look incredibly cool at the same time.

Our friend Kathy, of Feathered Gems, makes unique and very special jewelry for animal lovers. Like us, she has a greyhound-baby in her life, but her work pays respect to all manner of critters – birds, dogs, kitties, rabbits, horses, ferrets and sea life. Kathy truly has a place in her heart – and her creative metal work – for all creatures great and small.

TagBracelet2_lr The tag bracelets from Feathered Gems are quite special – basically, you will have your beloved friend’s tags around your wrist all the time. You simply save up enough annual tags to circle your wrist – for the DH it was 6 tags; for my wrist, it took 4. (Most women need 4 or 5.) This is upcycling at its most sentimental!

Kathy started making the tag bracelets when a customer asked her to create a memorial for a dog that had passed away.  After polishing the dog’s tags, Kathy knew there were enough to circle her client’s wrist and linked them into a bracelet. It’s been a very popular, personalized offer for her company, she said. Some vets are even getting them for patients as gifts, and they’re suitable for men and women as jewelry. Depending on the size and shape of the tags, they can be made to show the names and dates, too.

“It’s a wonderful way to keep happy memories with you, ” Kathy said. 🙂

We couldn’t agree more. Though our houndie is still going strong, the familiar jingle of her tags – at an unexpected moment when she isn’t with us – is a welcome and comforting sound.  Not to mention an incredible conversation starter! Very few pieces of jewelry have inspired more comments that our tag bracelets!


Love the tag bracelets but don’t have a dog, or don’t have enough tags of your own? As part of the Cooke County (Chicago) Dangerous Dog Project, there were 900 leftover, confiscated tags. In an effort to re-use them and remember the dogs, Kathy took almost 900 old tags and you can purchase the bracelets she created from them via Feathered Gems.

Based in Detriot, Michigan, Kathy’s company supports many worthy causes in the animal community and she even sends donations to groups that are holding raffles and fund-raisers. Be sure to browse all the beautiful jewelry Kathy creates when you visit her page.

To get your own tag bracelet, contact Kathy via her Feathered Gems website. Bracelets start at $25.00 plus shipping – and of course, unless you want one made from Kathy’s tags, you will need to send her your pet’s used tags! She will need measurements from your wrist and if the tags are to be in special order, you will need to make notes for her!

Jingle, jingle!

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