Panzanella Tomato Bread Salad


Aren’t tomatoes one of the best things about summer? We think so. It’s about this time of year when we start to have loads of them – both from our yard and available at every Market or Farm Stand. So celebrate those gorgeous orbs of red, yellow and green.

panzan1_lrWe had friends over, who also happen to keep the wildly popular blog, Jes’ Delights and shared our old-fashioned recipe for Panzanella. This is a traditional Italian peasant salad and a perfect use-up for all those tomatoes or stale bread. And truthfully – we have yet to meet the guest who didn’t love this recipe. We’ve served it dozens of times to vegans and non-vegans. Always a hit. Always flexible. You can follow the recipe closely – or improvise. Add some peppers. Try different vinegar. It will bend to your will and stay delicious!

panzan2_lrSince Jes is posting this recipe today, you need to visit her blog. The recipe is waiting for you there, along with many other fun ideas, stories and more! Enjoy exploring Jes’ Delights and we will see you again soon!

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  1. Had a blast working on this cross post with you, and LOVE this recipe. It’s a summer staple at our house, thanks to you. Confession – I even love the soggy leftovers the next day! Thank you so much for the post and as always, beautiful photos!

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