Watoto Raw Kale Chips


Recently we were enjoying vegan, gluten-free cupcakes at Sweet 27 in Baltimore and spotted a display of kale chips. Never known to pass up kale chips, we bought a pack and scarfed them down with the cupcakes. And honestly – these are among the BEST kale chips we’ve ever had (we rarely pass by kale chips – so that’s saying a lot!)

The brand is Watoto From the Nile Raw Kale.  The flavors we sampled at Sweet 27 were Sour Cream and Onion (vegan!), Curry and Sea Salt & Vinegar. They’re made in Baltimore and are so allergen-friendly, it’s amazing. No nuts! No gluten! No dairy! Kale chips are high in fiber & iron, contain antioxidants, vitamins K, A & C, and calcium. Basically, kale is something you need to eat. All the time. And why not in the form of savory, crispy kale chips? These Watoto From the Nile Raw Kale chips are divine!


We can’t find a website or Facebook page for this company. We picked up their flyer and it only listed a phone number: 410-303-4120 – you can call to place an order for wholesale or retail. Or just swing by Sweet 27.  They will be glad to help you get your kale-chip-fix on!

Crunchy, crunchy!

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    • Hey there – we will certainly share this on Facebook! We hope to help you save your wonderful kale chip business. We are huge fans of the product! Thanks for letting us know!

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