Rescuing Farm Animals: Burleigh Manor Sanctuary


There is a magical place hidden away in Ellicott City, a home for unwanted, neglected and abused farm animals. It’s called Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary and Eco-Retreat and it’s 10 1/2 acres of bliss for the 19 animals and 7 fowl that now live there. Lisa Davis, along with her husband, daughter and father live on the grounds of the estate, built in 1810. And the animal sanctuary is a new addition. They opened their doors in summer 2012 and the fields were full in just a few months – with horses, goats, pigs, mules and donkeys – as well as a few chickens, cats, bunnies and pooch, too.


Burleigh Manor operates as a non-profit, so volunteers, interns and other kinds of support are crucial to the animals. To help with the costs of the sanctuary, different areas of the estate are available for parties, meetings and social events. You can check out the wine cellars, club house, pool/pool house or tennis courts for your next occasion.


Even the resident goats enjoy the wine cellar, as you can see…  🙂

burl3_lrReally, though, Burleigh is all about the animals. They are the stars of the show and give heart to the small Sanctuary.  On any given day, you can catch the retired horses strolling in their fields, hang out with a friendly donkey, rub a piggie belly, or interact with a group of chickens.

You can sponsor any of the Burleigh animals, which is a fun & compassionate gift idea, too. The newly “adopted” animal will send your giftee a card with a photo, and the funds go toward their care, feeding and veterinary expenses.





Want to help in other ways? Burleigh keeps an online “wishlist” you can see, and they’re always open to ideas like bake sales and more. Just visit their “How Can I Help?” webpage.

If you are in the Ellicott City area tomorrow, Friday September 6, you need to swing by Burleigh for open house visiting hours from 4pm to 6pm! Nothing compares to meeting these incredible people and animals in person!

Boots are recommended, and you may bring apples or  carrots to feed the critters. Goats are extra hungry, so be sure to pack plenty! There is a $5 donation for the tour. Visit in person tomorrow or online anytime!

We want to say “Welcome!” to Lisa, her family and all the Burleigh animals! It is exciting to have these beautiful creatures so close to Baltimore and in a safe, supportive home! We will see you tomorrow!

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