Baby, Light my Fire


Nothing is as soothing as the elegant fragrance of burning petroleum. Wait – that’s not right. Which is the reason we pass by most candles these days. Why support the petroleum industry any more than you have to? Especially when there are great alternatives for other candles. Like River Road Candleworks, run by Delaware artist & craftsman, Mark Turner.

We met Mark first through his work with greyhound rescues. Already a man after our own hearts, he loves his hounds, and all animals, and many of his paintings are themed with nature and critters. When you purchase or commission animal-focused paintings from him, he makes a donation to rescue groups. Love it!

Someplace along the way, Mark started making soy candles, too. And we find them to be just as fabulous as his artwork!

markcandles_lrThe candle company is called River Road Candleworks and is a picture of sustainability and ethics.

On their site, they explain their position on soy wax, palm wax and more:

Some folks trying to sell you ‘soy candles’ aren’t using eco-friendly, sustainable 100 % Soy Wax! Many so-called  soy waxes use ‘botanical oils or ingredients’ to enhance the look or performance of their products. Guess what those might be…. Many include Palm Wax made from palm oil. Palm oils come from palm oil plantations…most of those are carved out of the tropical rainforest – which destroys rainforest habitat…  My guess is that you want your candles to be as eco-friendly as possible. That doesn’t include using non-habitat sustaining palm wax in your candles.

River Road Candleworks doesn’t use any extra ‘Stuff’ in your candles. We don’t use any polymer additives. We don’t use any dyes. We don’t use any chemical stabilizers for our scents or in our wax. We don’t use any ‘universal soy additive’ (USA) in our wax. Our wax is 100% soy. We use Elevance C-3 NatureWax, not any of the other soy blends or vegetable oil-based waxes.

As you may know, palm oil is non-sustainable for another reason too – when companies kill the trees, they destroy the habitat of many endangered species, including orangutans. Read more here and just say no to non-sustainable palm oil!

Furthermore, Mark will recycle the jars from his pure soy candles! For each jar you return (with or without the lid), Mark will credit you $.25 towards your next purchase. Again, love it!

Mark’s event schedule is online here, so you can get candles from him in time for the fall and winter holidays. Or just order online!

When you are shopping around, our favorite scents are lavender, clove, citrus spruce, hot chocolate, pumpkin and olive tree. Mmmm! Of course, we haven’t had any River Road candles yet that we didn’t enjoy. They make perfect gifts, too!

Thanks, Mark, for making a sustainable and great-smelling candle!

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