That’s right. We’re cluckin. With happiness! Cuz the Dirty Hippie won a FREE YEAR of BEYOND MEAT! A few months ago, we posted a recipe and review of Beyond Meat (South West Casserole), and while we were writing it, we spotted a Twitter contest giving away the goods. He entered it and moved on. We enter contests all the time, and it’s not often that we win, ya know?

Imagine his surprise when a rep from Beyond Meat made contact to say he had WON? Yep, that’s the East Coast rep, Brian, on the right and DH on the left. The prize included coupons for 52 free boxes of Beyond Meat, a tee shirt and other little goodies.


So now we’re looking at a year’s worth of Beyond Meat meals – sandwiches, wraps, casseroles, sautes – basically anyplace you would use chicken, you can substitute Beyond Meat. We look forward to updating some old family recipes using this great vegan, gluten-free ingredient.


And we plan to post one each month. That way you, dear friends, can also experience a year of Beyond Meat with us! Stay tuned for more original recipes featuring our prize!!

Thanks Brian and everyone at Beyond Meat – we’re so excited about this win! In the words of A Christmas Story: It’s a major award!!

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